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We are Polish teenagers, students of Gimnazjum number 1 in Konstantynów Łódzki. There are 664 of us.

Life in our school really begins after the school bell at 8 in the morning and finishes about 5 in the afternoon. Our school is well equipped with subject classrooms, we have got two excellent computer studies' classrooms. Besides obligatory subjects, our teachers conduct many various extra lessons and workshops of computer studies, drama, English, geography, biology, history, chemistry, sport. All these extra classes help us to prepare ourselves to final exam which must be taken by everybody in the end of third grade. They are also designed for those who want to take part in subject competitions and represent our school in our town, region and the country.

Our school is friendly for students, teachers and even our parents. During the school year we take part in various festivals and events, which are prepared by both our teachers and us. Attending our school means not only learning but also meeting new interesting people, having fun.

Monika Jędrzejewska - english teacher